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7 Must-Buy Christmas Gifts in 2020

7 Must-Buy Christmas Gifts in 2020

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about shopping and gifts!

While all of us are experiencing a different kind of holiday than we expected with some staying home for the first time in years, that doesn’t have to kick out the spirit of giving. Thanks to the internet, smartphones, and in-store pickup, it’s possible to find that perfect present without even stepping outside.

To make things easier for you, we put together a simple Black Friday groovin’ gift guide with options for the whole family. If you’ve decided to stay cozy in your own home this Christmas, you can order one of these awesome gifts and send it right to your loved one’s door. But if you’re still planning to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, now is the time to order these gifts so they can make it in time for Christmas.

Your 2020 Black Friday Christmas Shopping List

The Groove Belt

Finding a gift for men can be a real challenge. Especially if they know what they want and already bought it a month ago. Yeah, they all do it. Thankfully, we’re here to let you know that EVERY man wants The Groove Belt. It has the perfect amount of stretch, durability, and includes a signature buckle that fastens with just one hand. Whether you’re shopping for dad, husband, or a brand new son-in-law, this is the perfect gift. Grab one here.

Fall Collection Silicone Rings

Autumn is the season for the ladies. At the first sign of fall colors on the trees, pumpkin spice fills the air as every girl races to get in line for her annual PSL. This year, we introduced a brand new line of fall rings that capture all of the fall hygge feels. The best part is, these rings don’t have to be worn on the ring finger. They can also be used as a statement fashion piece, and they’ll never wear out. You can’t go wrong with that. Browse our Fall Collection here.


Tony Hawk Rings

If you have a teen boy in the house, you’d better believe he knows the name Tony Hawk. Imagine his excitement when you give him a brand new signature Tony Hawk ring to show all of his buddies at the skate park. That gift is an instant win. The Tony Hawk Signature Collection includes bold, statement rings and the subtle black solid with an engraving of The Birdman’s own signature. There’s something here for everyone. Be sure to snag one in time for Christmas.

Leather Watch Band

2020 brought a lot of craziness but it also introduced brand new possibilities, like weekly family zoom calls and BREATHABLE leather watch bands! The Vulcan Leather Watch Band includes our signature breathable grooves that allow air in and moisture out, keeping your skin dry. Available in tan, brown, and obsidian leather, there’s a look for every occasion. It’s even wearable at the gym! Efficiency and class combined make this the watchband of the century. Check it out!

Camo Belts

These belts are brand new and already flying off of the shelves! Perfect for the hunters and outdoorsmen in your life, the Camo Groove Belt comes in Kryptek Highlander and Mossy Oak Breakup. The belt buckle is available in black, gun metal, or walnut. If your outdoorsy man is more of a classic fella, he might like the belt in a solid olive green. Scan your options right here.

The Zeus Ring

True to its name, this ring is the ultimate ring of power. Combining our signature Groove rings with an Anti-Stretch technology, this ring can withstand anything crazy from rock climbing to pumping iron at the gym. One of our most popular rings by far for women and men, the Zeus is the ideal gift for your athletic family member or friend. Grab a Zeus ring for you and one for a friend today.

Leopard Print Watch Band: 

Leopard print is all the rage this year, y’all. While this pattern - unlike bell bottoms - never did go out of style, it’s the new thing to wear in 2020. Leopard print stilettos might not be the perfect self expression for every girl, this watch band is a subtle statement piece that can be worn at the gym or in the office. Every girl wants one of these for Christmas. It’s an easy win. Shop the look here.

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